№6 Garden Mix - Five Bags
№6 Garden Mix - Five Bags

№6 Garden Mix - Five Bags

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**Delivery to DMV area only. Five bag minimum. Free delivery. Contact us for custom orders.**

A vermicompost-based raised bed mix that is excellent for raised beds, container cultivation, and general outdoor gardening. A nourishing soil conditioner that promotes healthy root growth and reduces watering needs. 

With each bag you buy you have diverted 207 lbs from landfill. Mother Earth thanks you!

More Information

  • No.1 Vermicompost: Worm castings secreted by earthworms on a diet of pre-composted local food scraps previously destined for landfill.
  • Compost: Sourced from local Maryland facilities that compost food waste previously destined for landfills - an enriching source of humus that greatly improves garden soils.
  • Coconut Coir: A pH-balanced medium that is a natural by-product of the coconut industry. We never use peat moss because we believe that peat fields, Mother Earth’s biggest carbon-sequestering ecosystem, should be left alone to retain CO2 deposits.
  • Pine Bark Fines: Sourced from sustainable pine tree farms in the USA.

Container Planting
  • Select the correct-sized pot for your plant and ensure that it has drainage.
  • Fill soil to 1/3 of the pot with Pluvr soil. Moisten the soil once in the pot.
  • Remove the plant from the previous container and massage the root ball to loosen.
  • Place the plant in the center of the pot.
  • Fill in the pot with additional Pluvr soil to 1 inch below the rim.
  • Carefully pat down the soil around the plant's crown to anchor it.
  • Water plant 1 week after repotting.
Outdoor Planting
  • Placement: Mark out where in your garden you want your new epic plant to live, making sure to match that space with the light your plant needs. (Check instructions accompanying your plant).
  • Dig: Using your new jazzy plant in its container for reference, joyfully dig a hole that is marginally wider than your plant's container but roughly a finger's width shallower so that the top of the soil in the container is roughly a finger's width higher than the surrounding soil.
  • Disrobe: Remove your plant's container (aka The Full Monty) using one hand to grip the plant at the base of the stems while you gently pull the pot away with your other hand.
  • Unwind: Still holding the base of the stems, use your free hand to loosen the roots via massaging and prying.
  • Set: Place the root ball into the hole to make sure the crown (where the stems meet the earthy root ball) sits just proud of soil level. Fill in the soil to roughly halfway up the root zone and pat down. Fill more soil in around the plant until you have leveled off the soil with the surface of the existing garden soil. Place the heel of your hands at the outer ring of your hole and push down the soil at the edges to properly anchor your plant.
  • Water thoroughly.

Pluvr’s vermicompost is made by its 320,000 earthworm employees (specifically the Eisenia Fetida, aka the red wiggler). These organics are blended with local leaves to make the perfect carbon to nitrogen compost recipe. The leaves and food are fed to an in-vessel composter where the thermophilic (‘hot’) compost process takes place, killing all pathogens and weed seeds to meet USDA NOP regulations on pathogen reduction.

Compost material from the in-vessel composter, once at ambient temperature, is then fed to our earthworms who gobble it up in continuous flowthrough reactors. The worms then ‘secrete’ worm castings, which are harvested along with a small percent of the bedding that isn’t eaten to form our premium vermicompost.

Pluvr carefully partners with local restauranters to source our compost inputs - always pure and uncontaminated food scraps and coffee grounds. 

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