Unlock the Secret to a Greener Thumb:

Expertly crafted vermicompost-based soils for sustainable gardening enthusiasts.

Regenerative soils designed to nurture thriving plants and contribute to a healthier planet.

“Pluvr is my plant parenting superpower! It makes taking care of my houseplants a breeze, and they’ve have never been happier!"

- Laura M, Washington DC

Healthier Soil

We feed organic leftovers from local restaurants to red wiggler earthworms, who secrete vermicompost to create a premium soil mix that is rich in beneficial nutrients, bacteria, and fungi. 

Healthier Plants

Plant care doesn't need to be hard. Our nutrient-dense vermicompost simplifies your routine by providing exactly what your houseplants need to grow healthy and strong in just one bag.

Healthier Planet

Pluvr uses cutting-edge composting technology to safely return food residuals to the soil, diverting them from greenhouse gas-generating landfills and building healthy soils for tomorrow. 

Why do plants love vermicompost?

Nutrient-dense vermicompost is made of everything your houseplants need to thrive - and nothing they don't.


Upcycled vermicompost increases growth by 20% or more, helping your plants reach their full potential.


Pluvr’s natural soils nourish your plants without harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.


Our handcrafted soil mixes give your plants all the nutrients they need to grow for three months with just one application.


Every pound of peat- and chemical-free vermicompost saves 16 lbs of trash from the landfill.

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Hear from our customers


"Repotting my peace lily was super easy and now it looks much healthier! I love that it's made from composted food so my plant is getting real nutrients."

Maria C.

"Pluvr is totally different from other soils I've used. I can actually see the organic ingredients, and  it feels alive and healthy for my plants!"

Laura M.

"I sprinkled Pluvr No.1 in my  money tree's potting soil, and within two weeks it  perked up and  even grew some new leaves! It's my new go-to for all my houseplants from now on."

Sam G.
Image of Pluvr founder Max van Praag

Sustainable soils done differently

From day one, our founder, Max van Praag, has been on a mission to do better by the planet and the growers who live on it by keeping organics where they belong - in the soil.  

Using modern techniques and cutting-edge technology, Pluvr turns organic residuals from restaurants and cafes into premium soil amendments so you can grow your plants with honest, natural ingredients.  

It's proper plant food, made with love. 

Your plants deserve the best

And so does the planet. Keep organics where they belong - in the soil, feeding new life.