Why Compost?

In the age of climate change, one of the most responsible things you can do is to compost your organic waste, upcycling it into organic and sustainable soils. Over 40% of city waste is organic. Not only does this crowd landfills but it creates methane, a greenhouse gas 20 TIMES more dangerous for our planet than CO2 - not very appetizing right? Team up with Pluvr to keep organics where they belong - in the soil.  Using modern techniques and cutting-edge technology, Pluvr safely and elegantly turns organic residuals from restaurants and cafes into premium soil amendments, building healthy soils for tomorrow. 


With each purchase you become an environmental steward, returning food residuals to the soil, diverting those foods from landfills that generate harmful greenhouse gases, thereby closing the food loop. Your plants will thank you for their superior food as will future generations for making their future sustainable today.