Our Process

Pluvr is an environmental solutions company, collecting food leftovers and coffee grounds from D.C. restaurants and transforming them into nutrient-rich soil amendments via composting and vermiculture. Pluvr’s mission is to “close the loop” by safely and elegantly diverting food residuals from landfill and upcycling those organics into premium soil amendments for local agriculture, horticulture, and home gardening.

Pluvr collects organic leftovers from restaurants and processes that material at its state-of-the-art facility. Once on site, food leftovers are blended with leaves to make a premium compost mix, rich with beneficial nutrients, bacteria, and fungi. The organic mix is then ‘hot’ composted in an in-vessel composter for a week, killing pathogens and weed seeds. Next, the compost is fed to red wiggler earthworms that consume the material, secreting their ‘castings’ as they go.  These castings, or worm manaure known as ‘vermicompost’, are the real MAGIC, supercharging the compost with beneficial biology, which will boost plant yields by up to 20 percent, generate earlier flowering, and increase soil biology, structure, and water-retention capacity.