№1 Vermicompost
№1 Vermicompost
№1 Vermicompost
№1 Vermicompost

№1 Vermicompost

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Nourishes soil, promotes healthy root growth, and reduces watering needs to invigorate your plants. Can be applied to plants at every phase of their lives, making it your nutrient-dense secret to a greener thumb!

With this purchase, you divert 32 pounds from the landfill. Mother Earth thanks you!

**30 quart bags available for delivery to DMV area only. Five bag minimum. Free delivery. Contact us for custom orders.**

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100% pure vermicompost made by red wiggler earthworms on a diet of pre- composted organic material derived from food scraps from local restaurants. A soil amendment with a superior balance of fungal and bacterial microbes to feed your soil, so no need for added chemical fertilizers. Screened to 1/8".

  • Top Dressing: Apply 1" of No.1 to your established indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Transplant: When planting outdoors, add 1-2 cups to the transplant hole. Moisten and gently mix in with existing soil at the root zone.
  • Custom Soil Blends: use 15-20% of No.1 by volume in your soil mix.
  • Compost Tea: Add 2 cups of No.1 per 5 gallons of water and brew for 24- 36 hours. For best results, apply 1 pint directly to the plant's stem base.

Pluvr’s vermicompost is made by its 320,000 earthworm employees (specifically the Eisenia Fetida, aka the red wiggler). These organics are blended with local leaves to make the perfect carbon to nitrogen compost recipe. The leaves and food are fed to an in-vessel composter where the thermophilic (‘hot’) compost process takes place, killing all pathogens and weed seeds to meet USDA NOP regulations on pathogen reduction.

Compost material from the in-vessel composter, once at ambient temperature, is then fed to our earthworms who gobble it up in continuous flowthrough reactors. The worms then ‘secrete’ worm castings, which are harvested along with a small percent of the bedding that isn’t eaten to form our premium vermicompost.

Pluvr carefully partners with local restauranters to source our compost inputs - always pure and uncontaminated food scraps and coffee grounds. 

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